Staying Warm At Home: 8 Ways To Beat The Chill

As temperatures begin to drop, residents can quickly begin to remember just how cold their home is. Gone is the season of open windows and cooling fans. Now is the time for radiators and hot water bottles.

There is, however, the issue of cost. As energy bills rise, it can be difficult for residents to keep their homes warm without being conscious of the potential costs associated with central heating systems and wood-burning stoves. Thankfully, there are a number of ways in which a home can maintain a comfortable temperature and residents can beat the chill, with some being more cost-effective than others. Today, we’re sharing eight of the best.

Cooking Hot

A great deal of energy goes into cooking meals and this can be used not only to heat food but a home too. Recipes that call for slow-roasting in ovens or long boil times atop the stove can be useful for warming a room too. So, when cooking dinner, be sure to keep the kitchen doors open and the windows closed.

Install Curtains

Even secure windows will affect the temperature of a room and, during the cold season, they will bring it down over time. Curtains, especially those created from thick materials, can mitigate this heat loss, while also helping rooms to keep the heat they’ve generated much more efficiently too.

Create Cosy Spaces

Certain rooms, especially open-plan living spaces, aren’t necessarily designed for cosiness. As such, it can be important for residents to create their own cosy spaces. Smaller spaces, such as reading nooks and log cabins, are not only warmed more efficiently but they can also be designed to include comfortable features, such as cosy blankets, aromatic candles, and plenty of cushions too.

Closed The Doors

The same logic applies to a property as a whole and any rooms that aren’t being used should see their doors closed. This will help to insulate living spaces that are being occupied and can ensure heat isn’t otherwise wasted.

Light Candles

It might not always seem obvious but having candles in a home isn’t solely a way of keeping rooms illuminated with a soft glow but they can also influence its temperature too, helping rooms to become slightly warmer.

Insulate Attics

Insulating an attic space doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. In fact, simply placing a simple layer of insulating material to an attic space can help to drastically improve a home’s ability to stay warm, meaning that small amounts of heat will go much further.

Use The Sunshine

If your home is prone to receiving a great deal of sunlight, be sure that it is utilised. Sunlight, over the hours of a day, can help to warm a home, heating up interior spaces too. So, be sure to keep your windows clear and let in as much sunlight as you can on a bright day.

Wrap Yourself Up

Don’t forget, that one of the easiest ways to keep yourself warm during winter is to wrap up. So, be sure to choose thick socks and a knitted jumper to stave off the chill during winter.

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