Factors To Consider When Planning To Install An Aviary In Your Garden

When you love birds, and you are considering installing an aviary in your garden, there are many factors you must consider that can ensure you provide a suitable place for birds to live. When you create a practical aviary and put species of birds you love in it, it can give you hours of enjoyment as you watch them fly and chirp in their home. Below are some of the different factors you will need to consider when planning your bird aviary, to help you build the perfect home for your flock of birds so they are safe and happy, and you can enjoy them.

What Species Of Birds Will You Keep?

One of your first considerations is deciding the types of birds you will keep in your aviary. You can keep many birds outdoors in the UK that will thrive if you provide them with the right conditions. Some popular species include:

  • Zebra Finches
  • Budgies
  • Parrots
  • Lovebirds
  • Rainbow Lorikeets
  • Chinese Painted Quails

Each species has slightly different requirements, and if getting parrots, you will need to ensure the aviary is well constructed using strong wire, as they are inquisitive and have strong beaks. You can find out more information about keeping birds in an aviary outdoors in the UK by clicking here.

How Many Birds Will You Get?

You will also need to consider the number of birds you will get to keep in your aviary. You will need to ensure that your outdoor aviary has plenty of room, so the birds do not get crowded and have enough space to fly, roost, and perch. The number of birds you can keep comfortable in your aviary will also depend on its size, so this is another factor to consider.

The Size Of Your Aviary

You will need to consider how big the aviary you will get to put in your garden, and the size of your garden can dictate how big it can be. When you are looking for a bird aviary for sale, they are available in various sizes, so you can buy one suitable for your garden size and the number of birds you want to keep. Once you have chosen the best size aviary that you will install in your garden, you will also need to select a suitable location.

Choosing The Best Location For Your Outdoor Aviary

You will need to choose a suitable spot in your garden to place your aviary that will help protect your birds from the elements. Ideally, you will want the aviary to face south, so it maximises sunlight and helps protect them from the cold northern winds. You will also need to ensure that the aviary is not too close to bushes and trees, which can encourage predators to try and attack your birds.

Once you have considered the above factors, you are all ready to get your aviary installed in your garden and welcome your flock of birds to it. You can spend hours watching and listening to your birds in their aviary and provide them with a home they will be comfortable in, and they will love to be there.

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