Why Do Water Leaks Happen – Things to Know

A water leak is one of such problems that almost every resident experiences multiple times in life. Leaks can occur anywhere in a home. Sometimes, they go entirely undetected until they show up, leaving the homeowner with no better choice than seeking the help of professionals dealing with water leak repair in Allen, Texas, or anywhere near to the resident’s location.

However, knowing the most obvious reasons can help one to prevent an unexpected water leak and enjoy an uninterrupted water supply throughout the year. This write-up explores all that’s related and involved.

Water Pressure Can Cause a Leak

Excessive flow of water from the taps or shower may indicate something wrong with the water pressure. Significantly increased water pressures can damage the pipes and make way to their premature aging.

Using pocket-friendly preventers like a hose bibb gauge and a pressure-reducing valve can help one deal with this issue. A hose bibb gauge can monitor the water pressure. On the other hand, a pressure-reducing valve is extremely efficient in bringing the raised water pressure down.

When a Rust or Corrosion Takes Place, It Creates Room for Leaks

When there’s rust accumulation around the pipes, they probably have corroded. There are several causes of this corrosion, including the use of harsh chemicals regularly, aging of the pipes, and more. If left unattended, these corrosions may lead to collapses, which eventually results in water leaks. Hence, it’s always a wise idea to take professional help right after noticing such corroded pipes.

Water Quality Plays a Crucial Role

Limescale deposits in the pipes are caused by the minerals present in the water. These deposits often create micro leaks. These leaks can ooze under flooring or into the walls. Therefore, it’s imperative to clean such residues periodically. Using a water softener to improve the quality of water can also help.

Old Pipes Are More Prone to Leaks

A water pipe can last up to 20 years, depending on the material. A too aged pipe can cause severe water leaks. Therefore, a periodic observation routine is essential to detect such issues. One can get it done with the help of professionals who provide services like water leak repair in Allen, Texas, or any other region that’s close to the property. Such professionals have an eye for detail to notice even the slightest areas that require improvements.

Clogged Drains Can Cause Water Leaks

Though it sounds strange, clogged drains can also cause water leaks. When a clogged drain overflows, it creates excessive pressure on the pipes, resulting in burst water pipes and water leaks. Following a periodic gutter and drain maintenance routine can help in avoiding this unwanted hassle.


Periodic maintenance of the home plumbing system and following a few good practices to keep it healthy allow one to avoid water pipe leaks. However, in case it still occurs, taking help from a professional agency offering water pipe leak repair services may turn out to be a justified and delightful investment.

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