How To Decorate Your Small Bedroom

Contrary to popular belief, a bedroom doesn’t always require huge square footage or soaring ceilings to radiate a luxurious vibe. Often, the smallest of bedrooms can make you feel relaxed with its cozy charm. The main trick here lies in the careful arrangement of bedroom furniture for bringing in the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. Today we are going to discuss some expert tips which can assist in the decoration of your small bedroom.

  • Primarily, you need to consider the functionality of your small bedroom. We commonly use our bedroom for sleeping. But often people living in apartments double up their bedroom as the dresser or office space. For accommodating different functions, you can be creative with the arrangements of bedroom furniture. You can relocate the dresser to your closet for clearing up the floor or place your wall desk next to your bed for doubling up as a nightstand. 
  • While choosing furniture for your small bedroom, it is advisable to stick to furnishings with lighter visual weight and sleek profiles. Nightstands and bed frames with clean lines can make your room look bigger. Another option is narrow floating shelves in the place of bulky standing bookcases. 
  • Having a focal point in your bedroom can prevent the whole design from appearing jumbled. If you wish to highlight the head of the bed then you can either hang wall art or boldly arrange pillows. The window naturally draws a lot of attention in a small bedroom. For avoiding an inherent clash, you can place the bed ahead of the window.
  • Nothing can match up to the comfort of a big luxurious bed. However, this will simply cramp up the space in your small bedroom. A bed frame having small stature is perfect for such rooms as it will not take up much space. A transparent footboard and headboard create an illusion of a bigger space. Alternatively, you can opt for storage or platform beds with no footboard at all. 
  • While choosing the color palette of your small bedroom you can stick to saturated shades like hunter green, charcoal grey, or navy blue for a dark and cozy look. Or you can keep things light and bright with shades like sunshine yellow or cloud white.
  • Just making the bedroom look good is not enough, you also need to keep storage possibilities in mind. While petite sweater boxes can be easily stashed under the bed, you can even hide bigger luggage by adding a voluminous skirt around the bed frame. A storage ottoman placed under the window can offer storage for the extra bedding. Closets having a built-in organizer system can help make the most out of a small bedroom.
  • Embracing natural light can make your small bedroom feel spacious. If you are planning on undertaking black-out window treatments, then it is advisable to reconsider your choice. Using drapes in a light-blocking shade can help with optimal light control and make your bedroom look more stylish. 
  • Furniture having rounded edges occupy less floor space and can even widen walkways. This is why rounded ottomans and half-circle nightstands are commonly used for small bedroom décor.
  • Don’t go by the size as even a small bedroom can be jazzed up by expressive patterns and punchy fabrics. You can also go for interesting light fixtures like sculptural table lamps or a charming chandelier. 

Final Words

The main aim of small bedroom decoration is to place the right thing in the right places. Cramping your room with too many elements can make the space look constricted and also make it more vulnerable to pest infestation. In such cases, you can seek the professional help of pest control Milford for a holistic solution to your problem. 

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