Renovating your Bathroom – where to begin?

The reasoning behind why people want to renovate their bathroom can vary greatly, and sometimes these factors will affect not only the size of the project but also the types of materials used. It could be that you purchased the property with a renovation in mind. It could be that you inherited a run down house from a relative. It could even be that you have received insurance for damage, such as from a burst water pipe or storm damage. Whatever the reason, it’s important to put plenty of thought not only in where to start with your renovations, but also what materials to use and what order tasks need to be completed in.,

With so many television programs glorifying DIY renovations, many of us have probably watched one and thought, “Wow they just remodelled their entire bathroom in two days, I’m sure I can do that, only better!!”. Firstly, let’s face a few realities. In the normal one hour of viewing of one of these shows, producers usually have crammed at minimum 1 weeks’ worth of expert builders to DO the work, with competitors floating around giving opinions. They also do not show the extremely long days the professional team are working, nor mention the fact that everyone usually gets to return to their own homes or hotel rooms at the end of the day to get proper some rest. So, if you are planning to continue living in the house throughout the renovation, as many people think they can do, you are probably in for a big surprise!

Plan things carefully – If you can visualise a broader idea of what you want to do, then you can speak with the specialists to learn exactly what is feasible. They clearly state what can be done and what cannot, or, if necessary, they offer a solution and a compromise for the latter. They need to be able to offer you a rough idea of the associated costs as well. Depending on the extent of your renovation, you’ll likely need to hire an architect or draughtsman to write up the details of the build with all the precise measurements once you’ve finalised your concept

Additionally, it’s crucial that you carefully evaluate every material that will be utilised for every part of your restoration because changing your mind mid-construction may actually be extremely expensive, not to mention the delays it might result in.

Know your budget – If you have a specific budget in mind, you must determine what you can accomplish. Which bathroom do you want to remodel—one with pricey fixtures or two with less expensive ones? Do you prefer that the themes in your bathrooms match or can they be different? Is one of the two locations you intend to renovate more essential to you than the other? Making a list of everything you’ll need for the renovation and categorising it into must-have and wish-list goods is a smart move. After that, you can assign prices to things and determine which items will fall inside your overall budget. It’s also important to remember that there may be unforeseen problems with a build, so don’t allocate every last dollar in your budget. A wise strategy is to provide a contingency budget for this specific need.

One method people often consider to keep costs down, is to manage the project themselves. Depending on the size of the renovation this can be feasible, but sometimes trying to co-ordinate the plumber, the builder, the tiler, the electrician, along with deliveries of materials can sometimes be much harder than it would seem.

Hire expert and qualified plumbers.

Not all plumbers are as good as each other. Some are more punctual, some are more reliable, some have more experience and knowledge. For example, some have extensive experience working in commercial plumbing or industrial locations, but not as much in residential. Quite often residential fit-outs have smaller wall cavities in which to complete works, so hiring a good plumber who is experienced with this is very important. You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you think you can modify and re-use existing plumbing, only to find out that the pipes are cracked and leaking. That’s where identifying the best leak detectors in Melbourne is crucial. Make sure you do some research on who you are hiring to ensure that they are familiar with your needs and have a good industry reputation.

Submit council planning for approval – Prior to starting any actual construction or destruction, getting council clearance is a crucial step. The rules might differ greatly from council to council, and they may take into account things like changing the purpose of the room, creating a deck larger than a specific size, altering the structure of a building, or even changing the outside colour of your property or the removal of some trees can occasionally become a problem for some councils.

Make sure you thoroughly understand what may be done and that the appropriate licences are secured before any activities begin, else there might be significant financial penalties, or in some cases the property could need to be demolished.

Consider other possible works – Have you thought about other sections of your house that might also need care if you know you will go with your new bathroom designs? Concurrently updating your laundry room or kitchen is a terrific idea. Similar to bathrooms, these rooms also need to pay more attention to wet areas, so it would be worthwhile to renovate them all at once. With proper co-ordination, you can make sure that all these areas are upgraded at once, as the tradesmen you will need are likely to be the same.

Engage the services of a project manager – It is crucial that the necessary trades appear in the appropriate order. For example, to avoid having to pay the plasterer twice, you wouldn’t want to have walls installed before all the wiring and plumbing are appropriately installed. This is why a project manager for a building is so priceless! Using the services of someone who understands the best method to organise the development of your construct and how to solve many of the problems you might have along the road can be a blessing. These professionals’ services may also offer you thorough and reasonably priced quotes for the full renovation of your bathroom. They can help you through the entire procedure and guarantee that skilled local contractors are hired to execute the task.

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