Should you consider calling professional pest control? Find here!

Not all pests are dangerous, but it’s disgusting and irritating to find insects and rodents infesting the house. Homeowners have their reservations about calling pest control companies. Firstly, professional pest control comes for a price, and secondly, many methods and products used for pest control are not always safe. So, when should you call an exterminator? Also, how do you choose a service? In this post, check more on hiring pest control and other relevant aspects of hiring local pest control

Reasons to call an exterminator

  1. You have tried DIY hacks and remedies, but nothing worked
  2. You have more than one type of pests at home
  3. You are seeing pests and rodents in plain sight
  4. You are worried about your family’s safety
  5. You have kids and pets at home
  6. You don’t know how to deal with the pest problem at hand
  7. You are worried about seasonal increase in pest activity 

Ask the right questions

Not all pest control companies are the same, and as a client, you have to do your homework when looking for one. On the safer side, consider asking questions like- 

  1. How long have you been in the pest control business? What kind of pests do you typically deal with?
  2. Are you licensed? What accreditations do you have? 
  3. Can you share a few client references? What is your Better Business Bureau rating?
  4. Do you have liability insurance?
  5. Do you have an in-house team? If yes, are your workers trained and bonded?
  6. Do you have an entomologist in the team?
  7. What are your basic pest control methods?
  8. Do you give a warranty on the job?
  9. Can you offer a free home inspection? Will you give an estimate in advance? 

Working with pest control companies

Make sure that you are involved in the work done by the pest control company. Most companies will send a team of experts, to check the extent of infestation, and the estimate is based on the work done. Stay present at site, and ask questions related to their pest control methods. Usually, homeowners don’t have to leave the house when the exterminator is doing their job, but ask in advance. You may want to keep pets and kids away as the work is getting done. As for the pricing, expect to get a clear estimate in advance, but do check if there are any add-ons. Many exterminators end up adding costs later, which can inflate the overall budget.

Call an exterminator immediately after you start seeing signs of pests. 

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