The 3 Main Types of Italian Roof Tiles

Roof tiles work the magic that is beyond words. It is hard to ignore the brilliant finishing roof tiles give to a house. Most buyers seek roof tiles for their home, their clients, or for reselling. Whatever your reason is, this post aims to enlighten you on the various Italian roof tile and how best to choose them.

Types of installation

Throughout Italy, the antique terra-cotta roof tiles are used. However, every region has its unique way of laying and arranging the roof tiles.  Two main types of installations are applied.  In both, two terracotta tiles are used. One is curved and is called a cap; natives call it ‘Coppi.’ The second one is the pan, also known as ‘Tegole’; it is more expansive and lipped.

The first installation is the Barley clay tiles installation, which is the most preferred. The other installation is the Roman Pan system installation: it comes in handy in Central Italy’s warm areas. The pan and cap tiles used here are smaller than those in the barley clay tile installation. When manufacturing these tiles, more compact cap clay is preferred. The clay is then paired with the pan.

What are the main differences of the terra cotta tile from different regions of Italy?

Different regions embrace different tones, shapes, and sizes of terracotta tiles, as we noticed earlier. The rationale behind this is primarily influenced by the culture and, most importantly, the climate conditions in Italy’s different regions.

Tuscan roof tiles

They are referred to as Tuscan roof tiles because they are meant for Tuscan’s hot weather conditions. They have a lot of red content. Their sizes are usually very random and mixed. The barrels used are an imitation of the Roman pans, 13 1/2 at the complete end, 17 long, and 12 at the narrow end.

 Northern Italian roof tiles

These are the most preferred. These tiles have a brilliant color pallet with the core as light red, but sometimes it is yellowish. At times, it is in color deep red with some salmon shades, green and, on rare occasions, grey.  The tiles’ size varies from 16 1 /2  to 18 1 /2, the large opening is 6 1 /4 to 7 1 /2, and finally, the smaller space is approximately 4 1 /2  to 5 1 /2 in size.

Southern Italian tiles

The southern Italian roof tiles are not easy to come by. I come in the color peach/ salmon pink color pallet. They are smaller than the northern tiles and are found in the heel of Puglia. They use the Roman pan system like the Tuscan ones. On the broader openings, they are 6 to 6 1 / 2, 15 to 16 for the length, and 5 to 5 1 /2   in the smaller opening.

To wrap it up

When buying the terra-cotta roof tiles for hot areas, it is essential to remember that the roman pan installation is ideal for you.

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