What Is A Tornado Shelter?

Tornadoes are extremely violent and can destroy everything in their path. They bring winds over 200 miles per hour that can demolish buildings and send heavy objects, like cars and trees, through the air. Tornadoes can happen at any time but are most likely to occur in the late spring and summer months. Tornadoes can happen anywhere, but in parts of the country that often see tornadoes, such as the Midwest and Southeast, a residential tornado shelter may be a family’s best chance at surviving without any major injuries.

A residential tornado shelter is an area in the home that is safe from a tornado. Usually, these shelters are built underground with the purpose of protecting from the flying debris and strong winds that come along with a tornado. In areas that are prone to tornadoes, such as areas of Texas and along Tornado Alley, a tornado shelter is an important addition to any home. Families who do not have a tornado shelter should go to the lowest part of the home, in an area with no windows, in the case of a tornado, although a tornado shelter is a much better option.

Residential tornado shelters Texas offer the best protection for families during a tornado. They are specifically built for withstanding a tornado or even a severe thunderstorm. A tornado shelter can also ease the mind of anxious family members who may wonder what would happen to their kids, spouse, or parents in the case of a tornado when they are not home. Having a tornado shelter can offer peace of mind. It is a great idea to practice going into the tornado shelter to make sure that everyone knows exactly what to do and what to expect if there were to be a tornado. Adding a tornado shelter to a home also increases the property value by as much as 5%.

While most residential tornado shelters are underground, there are some other options. Pre-built shelters are structures that can be attached to the side of the home and are anchored to the house’s foundation. In-home shelters are tornado shelters that are located inside the house in an area such as a closet and are made of steel to protect families from a disaster.

A residential tornado shelter Texas must be tested at Texas Tech University’s Wind Institute for it to pass the basic standard. In order to pass, researchers test if a tornado shelter can withstand the debris and winds of a strong tornado.

A residential tornado shelter should also have a few important items stocked in there. If a family has to go to a tornado shelter to ride out a storm, it is unclear how long they will have to be in there or the damage that will occur around them. Due to that reason, it is very important that there is plenty of bottled water and nonperishable food items in the shelter. It is also wise to include a first aid kit and any medications that are needed in the shelter as well.

And don’t forget about the furry family members! If a family has any pets, it is a good idea to have a leash, collar, pet food, and a pet bed in the shelter as well. Other things to include in a tornado shelter emergency supply kit include a spare change of clothing for every family member, a flashlight, and a battery operated radio.

A residential tornado shelter is an excellent investment for families who are wanting to find ways to stay safe from these deadly storms.

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