The Best Fruit Trees to Grow in the Pacific Northwest


Fruit trees are great for your yard. Apart from protecting your soil from erosion and freshening up your backyard with more oxygen, they also provide delicious fruits. If you need to incorporate a few fruit trees in your landscape, you can hire professionals for the job by searching for “tree service near me”. Let’s check out some of the best fruit trees to grow if you live in the Pacific Northwest:

The Trees

  1. Pear Trees – The Pacific Northwest is well suited for growing pear trees without a lot of hassle. From popular varieties like Asian pears to Conference pears, you can grow them all. These trees manage well in both dry and wet climates across the Pacific Northwest. They can also survive in some tricky soil types. However, you need to be aware of invasive species like Bradford pear that can quickly take over your property.

You also need to keep in mind that pear trees need to be cross-pollinated. That’s why you’ll need to plant a pair in your yard. Pear fruits are also very versatile. You can eat them raw or cook them in numerous ways. They can be baked in different ways for a vast variety of flavors and can also be poached with chocolate or even pureed into a sauce for other dishes. If you decide to grow hardier varieties like Asian pear, you can also shred them into coleslaw.

  1. Apple Trees – You can also grow apple trees in your yard if you grow pears. Apple has been naturalized and grown all over the world and throughout the United States. With a bit of research, you can grow the perfect variety for your soil and climate. Moreover, apple trees are edible right after picking them. If you want to get more out of them, you can also make plenty of cooked dishes including caramel-dipped apples, apple pie, and more.

If you have a sizable suburban orchard, you can also make cider from apples. If you like experimenting and are up for the challenge, you can also grow unique varieties of apples that are unfamiliar to most people. Trial and error can bring you a lot of joy when you figure out the perfect way to grow them.

Before you start growing apple trees, you can also strengthen your knowledge about them by visiting the local nursery. Growers who have delved into the profession for years can advise you how different varieties of apples have responded to the local climate and what combination of soil and compost works best.  Similar to pears, apples also need pollinators like butterflies and bees to bear fruit and should be planted in pairs.

  1. Nut Trees – There are hundreds or probably thousands of varieties of nuts available in the supermarket. Some of them can be very expensive. However, you can also grow them in your backyard if you live in the Pacific Northwest.

Among different nut varieties, walnuts and almonds are very easy to grow in this climate and so do hazelnuts. With almond trees, you can just plant one since these sweet nut-bearing trees are self-pollinating. If you lack space, you can opt for the variety that grows just around 9 feet tall when fully mature. Shorter trees are also easy to care for.

Walnut trees also join their almond tree brethren when it comes to self-pollination. They like moist soil and can grow as tall as 50 feet. They also have a wide canopy with large leafy crowns to provide you ample shade during the hot summer. While walnut and almond trees are self-pollinating, you would get better results and more nuts if you plant them in pairs.

  1. Peach Trees – Peach trees can be a great addition to your garden. The juicy and tasty fruits can be eaten raw on their own or in salads and can also be poached, baked, or cooked in various dishes. To make your peach tree thrive choose varieties like Contender, Redhaven, and Starfire.

Some of the dishes you can make with peach include chilled soup, grilled peaches, peaches wrapped in bacon, and the very popular peach cobbler. You can also make a zesty and refreshing sangria from peach and mango. The Pacific Northwest has the perfect climate for growing all kinds of peach trees. Moreover, these trees don’t take a lot of room and can even be grown in small backyards.

  1. Plum Trees – Plums trees are also a great choice for growing in the Pacific Northwest. Some of the varieties you can grow include Beauty, Victory, Long John, Seneca, Hollywood, and more. Everyone loves a juicy plum and they also make your yard very fragrant during the harvest season. While you can eat them directly after picking them from the tree, you can also make pies with them, turn them into refreshing drinks, or even preserve them with salt and sugar.

Everyone loves plums not just due to their sweet taste, but also for their slightly acidic tones. Bright purple plums growing in thick leafy foliage also make them look amazing in your garden. It adds a lot of color during the harvest season.

  1. Cherry Trees – If the Pacific Northwest is famous for one fruit, it has to be the Bing cherry. These fruits are famous throughout the world and can be eaten by a handful. When you decide to grow cherry trees in your backyard, you need to choose between sour and sweet varieties. Their rich red hue adds a lot of brilliance to your garden and makes it look stunning. You can also boil and reduce them into a jam or bake them into a pie.


From pears and apples to cherries and peaches, you can grow some of the juiciest and sweet fruit trees if you live in the Pacific Northwest. After these trees grow up you can enjoy their harvest and do maintenance to keep them healthy and aesthetically pleasing. You can also hire professionals for that job by searching for “tree service near me”.

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